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About DP

DP Technology is a global pioneer of "AI for Science”,a new research paradigm aspiring to solve significant scientific challenges by fusing artificial intelligence with physics-based modeling and simulation. DP Technology has developed Bohrium® scientific computing platform, Hermite® drug discovery platform, RiDYMO® dynamics platform and Piloteye® battery design automation platform. Leading corporates, high-growth startups and esteemed research institutions use DP’s powerful tools to accumulate lasting competitive edge by embracing the new paradigm of “AI for Science”.

DP's research and technology team comprises over 100 exceptional young scientists and engineers across mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, materials, and computer science. Over 35% of the company's staff hold doctoral or post-doctoral degrees. The core team has been honored with the prestigious "2020 Gordon Bell Award," the apex accolade in global high-performance computing.

Our Version

Core Technology

Next-Generation Molecular Simulation Technology

Powered by AI for Science new paradigm, DPTechnology combined Multi-Scale Modeling, Machine Learning with High Performance Computing for scientific research and developed a new generation of AI powered molecular simulation technology. Based on the data generated from first principles, Deep Potential parametrizes the atomic interaction potential through deep neural networks, and builds models that can effectively overcome the "dimensional catastrophe", solving the problem of difficulty in balancing accuracy and efficiency in molecular simulations. We achieved the unification of accuracy and efficiency in a breakthrough way.

Open-Source Ecosystem

To promote the development of global scientific computing

DeepModeling, the largest open source AI for Sciences (AI4S) community in the world. Developed by the community, a variety of open-source toolkits and algorithms have been used and maintained by hundreds of research groups in areas of physics, chemistry, materials, biology, and others. Click the 'Community' on the bar above to explore and join us!


Weinan E

Chief Scientific Adviser

Linfeng Zhang

Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

Weijie Sun

Co-Founder, CEO