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About DP

DP Technology is a global leader in the "AI for Science" research paradigm, where AI learns scientific principles and data, then tackles key challenges in scientific research and industrial R&D.

DP's commitment to interdisciplinary research has led to the creation of the "DP World Knowledge Models," an array of pre-trained large science models designed to bridge foundational research with practical industrial applications. DP's software suite includes the Bohrium® Scientific Research Space, Hermite® Computational Drug Design Platform, RiDYMO® Dynamics Platform, and Piloteye® Battery Design Automation Platform. Together, these platforms form a robust foundation for industrial innovation and an open ecosystem for AI in science, fostering advancements in key areas such as drug discovery, energy, material science, and information technology.

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Weinan E

Chief Scientific Adviser

Linfeng Zhang

Co-Founder, Chief Scientist

Weijie Sun

Co-Founder, CEO